17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

Non violence
How can safety and peace be obtained,
for all people in the world.
If we'd all help it might could be gained.
stop all armed fights at all.
If we more equal share all on earth,
no more so frequent war occurs.
Decent life for all on earth.
Crime and war give just more
damage and destruction.
In this world we must all
work together now.
Never cease work for peace,
moderate consumption.
Violence we must end,
must defend environment

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 1996

Peace guard
In our peace guard watch we just are saying:
Denmark should not be at war.
To the rulers all of us are saying:
The World needs not any war.
By Christiansborg we steady will stay
Telling our message day by day
Telling war is not the way.
Bombs and fire of war
will not help poor people
Will destroy life on earth
Can create no good.
We must work hard for peace
so all could be able
To exist and have food
have a new tomorrow good

Text: Poul Pedersen © 2011 & Melody: 1996
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