17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

From the sun we all are getting – large amount of energy.
Sun is rainy clouds creating, – when it's shining on the sea.
From its heating winds are blowing, – making wind-mills turn around.
Sun light makes the green plants growing, – carbon dioxide is bound,
Oxygen to air is giving; – sun helps all alive in living.
Seen on website information, – sunlight can provide us all
with all energy consumption, – for all people in the world.
When the sun to us indeed, – can all energy provide.
No more oil and coal is needed, – no more carbon dioxide.
sun give energy production, – with environment protection.
On the roof on every building – solar cells shall mounted be.
And on all the vessels sailing, – solar cells we want to see.
Solar cells on greenhouse setting – under desert's sunshine hot,
better growth of green plants getting, – when they shelter shadow got
Solar cells on top of mountains – and in midnight sun surroundings.
Solar cells on cars and buses, – train and railways overall,
road and street and walls of houses,-- on the sunny sided wall
The transmission nets connected – will improve stability.
Electricity not used, – can be loading battery.
Tidewater and waves on ocean – can keep many mills in motion.
Hurricanes by sun created, – when it's heating tropic sea.
Still they stronger generated, – will by higher heating be
If by solar cells were covered, – many floats across the sea,
they could make a lot of power,-- and a cooling shadow be.
Can sun energy production, – give in hurricanes reduction?
Growth of green plants are consuming, – plenty carbon dioxide;
the environment improving, – if more green plants we provide.
Every place, where green plants growing, – must be treated properly.
Desert erosion avoiding, – must be handled carefully.
Wood and nature we however, – carefully must save forever.
War – with fire and explosion, – use a lot of energy,
giving CO2 emission, – we as threat for climate see.
All the countries must together; – work for what us best defends:
Stop all war and work for better, – climate and environment.
More on sun cells could be spend'ed, – if all war and fight was ended.
Hunger just not ends if only, – farmers will be growing more.
If poor people have no money, – no more food they can afford
Farmers are on market selling, – that best prices offer can.
So must people who are starving, – pay what market will demand.
Help for people in starvation – could be growth and jobs creation.
If in countries with starvation – solar energy was made.
Thereby growth and jobs creation, – from that energy they had.
Energy for more production, – to consumption and export.
For these countries’ population, – make conditions human worth.
Sun light power can be giving, – all a good and healthy living.
About eighteen hundred ninety, – nitrogen problems they had
Went the mines in Chile empty, – farmers harvest would be bad
Now from open air in surplus, – fetch all nitrogen we can.
Similar the sun can give us, – all our energy demand.
Energy each week is sending, – what we all for years are spending.
Maybe the volcanos heating, could electric power make.
And where permafrost is melting, might methane gas we can take.
Heat pump from the seaside water, district heating can provide.
Thereby cooling seaside water, might disasters can avoid.
Nature power exploitation, with environment protection.
We resource must be saving, everywhere around the world.
Our groceries producing, nearest possible at all.
Health and growth and job creation, for all people in the world.
May reduce massive migration. Make conditions good for all.
Travel and transport reduction. Digital communication
Where the Woods are often burning maybe heat pump systems could
From the Woods fetch lot of heating, prevent fire in the wood
Heat can make sea water steaming, then the steam could be led up
Maybe rainy clouds creating right above the forests top
If we fire are preventing, CO2 problems descending.
Somewhere too much rain is falling, – Elsewhere often no rain got.
Water to dry places moving, – Could avoid disastrous drought.
Then the green plants will be able, – To eat lot of CO2
and give food to starving people, – And a fair existence too.
Supertankers could be freighting, – Water to the dry surroundings.

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 2008 / 2009 / 2020
Read about solar power at Normek A/S
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