17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

Why must we still war and trouble see,
on this globe where we are living.
And why is it so unpeacefully.
Are we never peace achieving
Could an explanation be – social inequality?
with increasing poverty – and disgusting luxury.
Peoples locked in poverty, – hopeless situated,
by fanatics' policy – easy persuaded.
Nothing's ever won by any war.
Only damage and destruction.
Arms industry's trader earning more.
Suffer will the population.
People who unpeaceful speak – public as in parliament,
and will no agreement make, – should themselves to war be sent.
Many people are in war, – loosing life and living.
when the ruling people are, – no agreement giving.
Even countries in worst poverty
have amazing wealthy people,
who spend vast amount on luxury,
making country miserable.
Instead of development, – they to foreign country sends,
money in a large amount, – to a secret bank account.
While collect for aid is made – in the richer nations.
Still the rich don't moderate – greedy exploitations.
Was from all the secret bank accounts
five per cent each year donated.
To a U.N. leaded global fund.
Many things could be created.
Reconstructed so could be, – after wars brutality,
help for health and growth for all – all the people in the world.
Stop all wars hypocrisy – trader's lubrication.
Looser will forever be – poorest population.
Country rich and people very poor,
far too often is observed.
Fights about the minerals occurs,
prosper not always deserved.
If on minerals were paid – tax to U.N. fund for aid.
Then from U.N. could be spent – money for development
for conditions human worth – for all populations.
Stop destruction on the earth, – stop war and starvation.
Hunger problems will not come to end,
Just by much more food production.
When the hungry have no money then,
they get no food to consumption.
Farmers to the market sell, – that best payment offer can,
so consumers must as well, – pay what market will demand.
Food from gardeners' growing here, – we have seen discarded,
when from southern countries were, – cheaper food imported.
Cluster bombs and nuclear weapon must,
be forbidden by conventions.
Why not as forbidden weapon just,
any kind of weapon mention.
That can people harm and hurt, – make destruction on the earth
Fire and bombardment – threaten the environment.
We environment protect – CO2 reduction.
War confines that effect – by all its destruction.
Human rights for all inhabitants,
must be guaranteed by conventions.
Are they broken, often punishment
will be boycotts and restrictions.
The result will probably – be increased poverty.
Populations will not see – any more democracy.
Stop dictator leaders can't – boycott and restrictions.
In his people he will plant – hate to other nations.
All the people living on this Earth,
must respect all life so faithful.
Work for growth and livings human worth,
for all people very careful.
And wherever we may stay – must respect to neighbor pay.
Any blame for race or faith – nothing good will generate.
Hate and killing for revenge – have no good created.
If revenge will never end – all life is erased.
In the countries with democracy
ruling people are elected
Always must respect minority,
they should never be neglected.
Ethnic groups with lack of rights, – may result in bitter fights,
and in violence and hate – will not easily integrate.
Fight for voter's sympathy, – splitting populations,
giving party's policy – more polarization.
When poor people armed attack will make
On rich tyranny people
Still more money richest people make
Poor get still more miserable
The attacked themselves defend, – will on weapon money spend
Arms industry earning more, – stealing money from the poor
The resources spent on war, – will not help poor people
Arms industry earning more, – poor stays miserable.
All the children in the world must learn
to be good and honest people
not to fight, together take their turn
so, in peace all will be able.
To exist in harmony, – not at all so selfish be.
Work for the environment, – so disasters do prevent.
In sustainability, – moderate consumption,
Make an end to violence, – and become good citizens.

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 1994 / 2007 / 2009 / 2010
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