17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

[... prelude ...]
Pleasant summer day.
After winter dark and grey,
in the spring in May,
welcome to the summertime we say.
Leaves so green and bright.
Birds are singing with delight.
We adore the summer light.
Summer time we love
when the green wood grow,
and the short and light nights glow.
Summer now.
Garden flowers and trees,
and on farmland we,
an abundant growth can see.
Good for the economy
Summer time we like,
sing and drink, a toast we take,
An applaud we make,
to our little good old Denmark's sake.
Here we can live good,
live with little less we could.
Many others needs more food.
Here we free can seat,
can buy things on debt,
aquavit and herring get,
fly with jet.
We can also tend
Good environment
Sport and culture life attend
Could we call it happy end?

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 1996
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