17 melodier under temaet fred og harmoni i verden, med mp3, noder og sangtekster.
Fredssange af Poul Pedersen

In Denmark people can in peace and safety stay
With freedom to choose faith and meaning say
No earthquakes or volcanoes make destruction bad
from storm we not so often have disasters had
The Danish summer in the short and light nights glow
Where birds are singing and the green wood grow
Where gardens have so many pretty flowers now
And sun and rain enough so crops in fields can grow
Around the shores in Denmark we, good sandy beaches see
The nature in the lake and woods, we find so very good
The climate here is moderate so here it can be said
For people here in denmark after all it's not so bad.
With bridges, flights and ferries we can travel here
From isle to isle around and everywhere
With bus and car the traffic flow on road and street
on railway also often train on we get
A lot of good new houses are in Denmark built
Get energy and water steady still
with hospitals here we can be fairly satisfied
In schools the pupils can much useful knowledge get
With radio and TV telephone and internet
we news and knowledge from the whole wide world can easy get
supplies in shops are adequate so here it can be said
For people here in denmark after all it's not so bad.
From regular elections to our parliament,
we get our democratic government.
Electing to the parliament for Europe we
get influence on politics of EEC
Disaster help and developing aid we yield
and care for world's environment we will.
Responsible our global duty realize
Not only think in national and selfish ways
Much hunger and disaster we can see on our TV
While our consume in Denmark are increasing steadily
While more unsatisfied we in Denmark seem to be
Could something here in Denmark be a little bad indeed

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 2007
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