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Fredssange af Poul Pedersen

We're financial well behaving
Here in Denmark so
On the budget cost we're saving
Keeps expenses low.
Save cost of labour, production outsource
our best financial force.
More unemployment for workers we see,
but financial not bad it will be.
In the lost industry field,
they can shops and houses build,
and a boom in building industry it surely bring us will.
From imports we much can buy,
and much cheaper prices pay,
where environment- and labour rules don't have not so much to say.
State and all administrations
Cut down more still more.
While the North Sea waves' erosion
Eats of Denmarks shore
Helpers to old and to disabled are cut
sewers and road's budgets cut
Who can indeed be permitted to pay?
Without being accused to betray.
Railway tracks are very worn
a bit welding melted on
soon the new I C four trains on them so carefully can run
With a smile it all we face
Our taxes will not rise
If the train is not on time we just our car can drive instead
Gross domestic product rising
we in Denmark should,
if we would be realizing
future welfare good.
Lot of commercials we get every day.
Buy now and much later pay.
Tax on consume gives good income to state
Even more when the oil price is high.
When we cheaply much import,
shops and stores earn more and more
Gross domestic product rise when all of us are using more
If a new car we will buy, also tax to state must pay
In our houses cheap can borrow in a very easy way
Say no to euro and union
Here in Denmark so
keep our national small nation
We intend to do
We will in Denmark it all self decide
We have a sovereign state
With luck and smartness we hope anyway
To get more from EU than we pay
We have car and modern house
We have fashion style of course
And by satellite much radio and TV we can choose
Still more inequality
not more worried we'll be
On vacation trip we very cheap can buy much luxury

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © opr 1992 omskrevet 2007
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