17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

In the dark and grey november we
The sun so scarcely see
Rain and wind will tear in roof and trees
The days will shorter be
The winter time is near
We shall not here be mourning
in northern countries here
long summer days returning
with light and growth next year
In November, budget for the state
for next year shall be made.
When we all a little more shall get,
concluding can be said,
much tax so must paid.
We should not be complaining,
in our Nordic wealth,
better life conditions gaining,
than almost nowhere else.
Far too many wars the world have still
and war no food can yield.
Far too many grow much richer will
from what destroy and kill.
So sad it makes me feel.
We should not be complaining,
however in the north,
much less we should be taking,
more fair should share the earth

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 1995
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