17 tunes under the theme of peace and harmony in the world, with sheet music and mp3 composed by Poul Pedersen, Silkeborg.
Peace Songs by Poul Pedersen

Bells of church are ringing in dark wintertime,
still the message bringing: Here is Christmas time
Christmas despite hunger, war and crime occurs:
peoples strive for mammon are leaving trace on Earth
Thanks to Thee almighty Lord For Thy Christmas word.
Hear this humble prayer please: Mercy bring us peace.
Candle lights are melting freezing heart and soul.
Christmas message telling in the time so cold.
Telling us that Jesus, came to our world,
free of darkness power us guiding over all.
Thanks to Thee almighty Lord, that Thy Christmas word,
can bring out to every place hope for Christmas peace.
As the shining star led wise men to his birth.
Christmas message widespread hope for us an Earth.
Holy infant Jesus. message of his birth,
Wishing peace for all of us all over the Earth.
Thanks to Thee almighty Lord give us on Thy word,
to live helpful, never cease – humane life for peace.

Text & Melody: Poul Pedersen © 1992 / 1993
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